Hellos - and how we say them. 

Hey people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, I am that excited to be finally writing this again). Its been too long, I trust you have been good.

Anyways, ardent readers of this blog would know I just love to speak my mind. I type just how I talk and today, I want to talk about something that has been on my mind lately; Hellos - and how Nigerians do it.

It has come to my realization that my beautiful people of Nigeria seem to include "ha! You have added weight ooo!" with the simple "hello! How have you been?".

I mean, I do not understand why that would be one of the first things you would say to a person you have not seen in a while. in my opinion, I think that is downright disrespectful and insensitive.

As a young woman, I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I would step out of my house after minutes of self esteem build up in front of my mirror only to meet one human being that will now shout in front of the whole street, "Hey Maka, long time. How have you been? Ha!!! You have added weight oooo!!!" Chai! see my life outside, biko just lekwa. Previously, I would just laugh it off and say "Wetin man go do?" Now, that cannot happen again o! You have been warned.

I had a conversation about this with my mum and her response really surprised me. She said she did not see what was wrong in saying that - especially if it were true. It was also her view that I was influenced by the "white man's culture". In her opinion, they focus too much on rights, sensitivity and whatnot (which is what has put them in the situation they are in). Nna amaghi m o!. Although to an extent I see her point, I feel that if indeed the reason for airing your observation is out of sincere concern for the person's health, there are more sensitive ways to do that rather than shouting it out, making the other person feel like they are being mocked or attacked.

I could go on and on about this, but as I always say, "you gotta know when to drop the mic". However, I would try to conclude with this, "You have added/lost weight" is not one of the many ways to greet a person. #Udo




Chai - Just an Igbo onomatopoeic expression

Biko - Igbo word for Please

Lekwa - Igbo word for Look

Wetin man go do? - Pidgin English expression for What can be done?

Nna amaghi m o - Igbo for I do not know

The Thing About Family 

Hey guys!!! Been a minute. Decided to release posts every two weeks ( you know that verse in the Bible that talks about being cautious of how often you visit your friend or else he'll get tired? That's kinda why I decided to space things out a little).
I hope you guys have been awesome though. I have. 😊.
I want to talk about something that's important to me today. Its Family!!!
If you read my première post, you would already know I come from a big family (not that its polygamous or anything). Family is everything yo. They got your back no matter what - at least my family does (and that of the Kardashians). Seriously, the Kardashians are like the most loyal people when it comes to family. I digress...
I think I am a very friendly person - however, I don't have a lotta friends. When I say friends, I mean the actual meaning and not the person you met at that party who you shared a cigarette with.
I can't count on one hand the people I can actually share real sh** with. However, when it comes to my cousins, OMG!!! My cousins are my best friends. I can tell em anything without fear of judgment. When people see how close I am with my cousins, they think its really weird. You know what I think though? I pity these type of people. I don't know how a person could tell me, " yeah, I don't really speak to my family" or "I don't even know my cousins". Ok I know there are some really effed up families, so I guess this post isn't about shutting down people who don't hold the same family values as me, its more about appreciating my family and thanking Jah for giving me the cousins I have.
One of the benefits I can say from being real close to your family is, you get to stay outta trouble a whole lot more than the others who don't hold high family values. If I need advice, I'd rather call someone in my family than an outsider friend. In addition, you would transfer those values to your kids and they would also possess high family values which would cause a very positive ripple effect on the whole family.
You may say your brother or cousin did something really terrible to you. I get it, we are human. Do something for me though. Please pick up your phone and just call to say hello (ok, send a text, start small). You would be surprised how much happier you would be when you are close to your family.
Ok, I gotta drop the mic here. Would talk to you beautiful people again in two weeks! #Udo

Definitions and Translations
Yeah...everything I used today is very self explanatory. 😁

Be Your Inspiration 

Hey guys! I'm back with my second post already. Feels like just last week I published my first post (PS: it really was just last week. You should check it out, I heard its great!). So, I'm back with a topic that is very dear to me; Originality. This time, I'll be focussing on fashion.
I know, I know, nothing is new under the sun, but you can start your own trend that makes it into that list. This is what I always say, "na human being start fashion, so na me go start my own". I have never been the girl to wear what is in vogue. To be honest, my fashion is "COMFORT" (it had to be in all caps bro). 
Among all the cheezy quotes about appearance and such, "You are addressed how you you are dressed" seems to always catch my ears - however, not in the general way people usually understand it. How you dress up is an extension of your personality. Life would be a whole lot easier if people just tried to be honest and real with themselves. I do not care about how fancy the event I am attending is, if I am not the type to wear heels, I would NOT put them on. I want to be seen where ever I am as ME. I want to be addressed as ME, and not when we see the next week, you see a different version and get confused about who I really am.
You know what drives everything in this world? Consistency.
Think about all the iconic fashionistas all over the world, from our very own Denrele to Rihanna. These people started expressing themselves differently through clothes on one fateful sunny day (ok, maybe the weather was just there), and they kept doing that till date, so much that we look forward to seeing what they would wear to events.
I have this over sized jacket hanging in my wardrobe and each time I want to wear it out, my cousins would be like, "oh no, its too big" or "its too weird". Dude! Ain't nobody care about weird. In fact, that would be the point. I am not tryna dress up to look like a bunch of minions from Despicable Me (or from the movie Minions). A lotta people want to express themselves through clothes the way they really want to but are just stuck on thinking about what others would say. You know what? Hapu ihie ahu. Be your own inspiration. After all, in all these boujie fashion shows where they use akpa rice to make clothes and put on these unsuspecting models to showcase, people would sit on both sides of runway, clapping in awe and approval as if - nna ehn, the metaphor escapes me. I am reminded of this saying though, "Pringles and potato chips, its all about the packaging". Once you package yourself properly, you would catch the attention of anyone - and yes, even the haters.
I could go on and on with this fashion topic, but you gotta know when to drop the mic.
Be You.
Be Consistent.
The world would know - and relate.
Be your inspiration.

Stay tuned to my blog for more original thoughts from me! Oh and before I forget, happy Easter!!! #Udo

Definitions and Translations

1) Hapu ihie ahu : An Igbo slang for "Leave that side", or in English, "Forget it"
2) Akpa rice : means bag of rice in Igbo
3) Nna ehn: An Igbo slang used just before explaining a situation. Trust me, its literal translation never applies to the topic being explained.

Yay! I'm finally blogging!!! 

Okay, I know the title looks a little too obvious but that's just how I feel in this moment - my thumbs on my keyboard, sitting on my bed with my legs crossed (PS: its not a really comfortable position when its done for more than 20minutes), typing away on my Samsung phone, letting you beautiful people know my original thoughts.
Original thoughts, I said. That's what this blog is mainly going to be about. I am a lady with a lot of opinions as should most of us, and I want to be able to share most of what I can with whoever cares to listen (or read). I am not here to tell you what is right or wrong. All I want is a platform to air my opinions on different aspects of life which is why I termed them original thoughts.
I guess before I go on, I should introduce myself for the benefit of those who do not know me. My name is Maka Sam-Ejehu which is short for Nwamaka (meaning this "child is beautiful". I know, right?). I am from the Eastern part of Nigeria from a state called Imo, but born and bred in the Southwest in a state called Lagos. I live with my family which consists of my mum, Dr. Ojiugo Sam-Ejehu (quick side note, Ojiugo means Precious Stone. That's what my mama is to the whole world), my elder brother Ikenna; he's a pharmacist and an all round music head; and my younger brother Buchi; he's just about to finish his Chemical Engineering course at Unilag (yay for him!), he's also a fitness junkie (he has t-shirts with motivational quotes on them). My father passed on when I was about six years old. He had cancer (observe a minute of silence here).
You have no idea how much I wish this was the end of the list of who makes up my family. Alas! The truth would not be in my mouth if I stopped there. However, for the sake of time and typing space, I would say I have a lot of cousins and family friends living with me. Together we make up a big, crazy, beautiful family. I do not have the faintest idea of what privacy feels like. If you know the sitcom from back in the day, "Fuji House Of Commotion?", they have nothing on us. I always say we need hidden cameras in my house because living in my house is just cruuuuiiiise!!! We would be so much more interesting than Keeping Up With The Ks. Yes, I said it.
Back to me (hehe), I am a musician majoring in the Soul and Jazz genres. A lot of people ask me, "why music?". Here goes...there is so much I was born to do and there was so much I knew how to do as I was growing up. I grew up in a very artistic home. My mum baked everything from cakes to bread on a weekly basis. She made our Christmas clothes, she knew how to sing, write, draw and paint. Needless to say, she taught me all these. I wrote my first short story when I was about eight years old. I cut up cardboards, folded and stapled them together in book form and wrote my stories in it. I still remember its title, "Amanda The Naughty Girl". I cannot remember the story line but hey, Amanda was a naughty girl. Lol. Growing up and learning new things about myself, I realized that music was the only thing I never got bored of. I had made a couple dresses which I abandoned halfway through, I had started another novel - which I also abandoned when I got to chapter six; I had tried to bake but realized it just was not worth the stress when I could just order what I wanted. Music was one of the only constant things in my life. I could express myself freely. When girls my age were keeping journals, I kept a song book which basically was a musical journal. I told my stories with rhymes and melodies (I still have that book. It is till date one of my most valuable possessions).
Leaving my job as a Lawyer to focus on my music was the best decision I have ever made. I mean, it has not been all rainbows and sunshine, but trust me when I say I truly believe I am one of the happiest humans on planet Earth!
Okay then... I believe I am done with the introduction part of this post but something tells me this is where I should stop as my first blog post should be merely introductory. I could write all day, but as one of my good friends says, "you need to know when to drop the mic." I plan to write as much and as often as I can, so please stay tuned to my blog!!! #Udo

Definitions and Translations
Lol : means Laugh Out Loud, not Lucifer Our Lord like some annoying broadcast messages say.
Udo: means Peace in Igbo, but in the context of this post, means more like peaceout.
Hehe: that's just the sound of the chuckle I made.
Cruuuuuiiiise: I was just emphasizing how much cruise was involved.