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I hope you had a good week? Happy to be back on my laptop! Writing, as much as singing is quite therapeutic. I really did not know that. I always thought music was the only true shit. lol. Anyways, I must admit that at this point in my writing this post, I have not decided what I would be talking about. If I do say so myself, what would make my blog different from others is the organic nature of it. I am not trying to succumb to any rules of writing or blogging in general. In simple terms, I will write however and whatever the fcuk I like...there will be nothing censored on this platform. This does not mean my blog would not have a purpose. Time is money.

If there is one thing I don't do, its waste my time. I ditch friends for that shit. Lose me money, e go pain me small, but waste my time? Damn yo, I go crazy. I am sure you know why. You really can't get your wasted time back. Hey!, I guess I have found a topic!!! Time!!!

This topic reminds me of a movie I watched a few years ago titled, "In Time". It featured Justin Timberlake and another popular actress like that (her name - and face skip my memory and I kinda don't feel like Googling her). It basically talks about using your time wisely. In that era, time was literally money. It was the oil that lubricated the machine of their lives. The poor people lived with minutes and hours, with a few years at most, while the richer ones had decades, centuries and even milleniums/millenia (whichever). Everything they did revolved around managing their time as the clock kept counting down. It was crazy yo. I ain't bout to start talking about a movie that was released 2011 but my point is the movie got me real scared about life.

What if time were the currency we ran on? How rich would you be? How many bottles of whatever the "it" champagne presently is would you pop at whatever the "it" club is? How much time would you give away to buy that new "it" designer bag, shoe or makeup? How much time would your phone cost? Remember, with each purchase, your life clock counts down. That some crazy shit to think about ain't it?

I remember this story on one of the few BCs I managed to read one time like that, it talked about a 78year old man who was rushed to the hospital and had to be given oxygen. On his last day, when he saw the bill he was given was just 4days of using oxygen, he began to cry. When asked by a nurse why he was crying,  he told her he was not crying because of the bill as he could afford to pay it. Rather, he was crying because he wondered how much he would pay if he was charged for the 78years of oxygen he had been using for free. This really brought some perspective to me sha. We live our lives as if we are the most important people on Earth and on the other hand, like life is not even important at all (not sure if you get me. Take a couple minutes, it would hit you real soon.)

The world does not revolve around you, but in a way, it also does so you gotta find a balance between living your life and not being a total asswipe.

I gotta go now.

You could also drop topics you think you would like me to write my opinion on at the comment section. I will always be honest with you. Udo.

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