The Thing About Family

Hey guys!!! Been a minute. Decided to release posts every two weeks ( you know that verse in the Bible that talks about being cautious of how often you visit your friend or else he'll get tired? That's kinda why I decided to space things out a little).
I hope you guys have been awesome though. I have. ?.
I want to talk about something that's important to me today. Its Family!!!
If you read my première post, you would already know I come from a big family (not that its polygamous or anything). Family is everything yo. They got your back no matter what - at least my family does (and that of the Kardashians). Seriously, the Kardashians are like the most loyal people when it comes to family. I digress...
I think I am a very friendly person - however, I don't have a lotta friends. When I say friends, I mean the actual meaning and not the person you met at that party who you shared a cigarette with.
I can't count on one hand the people I can actually share real sh** with. However, when it comes to my cousins, OMG!!! My cousins are my best friends. I can tell em anything without fear of judgment. When people see how close I am with my cousins, they think its really weird. You know what I think though? I pity these type of people. I don't know how a person could tell me, " yeah, I don't really speak to my family" or "I don't even know my cousins". Ok I know there are some really effed up families, so I guess this post isn't about shutting down people who don't hold the same family values as me, its more about appreciating my family and thanking Jah for giving me the cousins I have.
One of the benefits I can say from being real close to your family is, you get to stay outta trouble a whole lot more than the others who don't hold high family values. If I need advice, I'd rather call someone in my family than an outsider friend. In addition, you would transfer those values to your kids and they would also possess high family values which would cause a very positive ripple effect on the whole family.
You may say your brother or cousin did something really terrible to you. I get it, we are human. Do something for me though. Please pick up your phone and just call to say hello (ok, send a text, start small). You would be surprised how much happier you would be when you are close to your family.
Ok, I gotta drop the mic here. Would talk to you beautiful people again in two weeks! #Udo

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Yeah...everything I used today is very self explanatory. ?

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  • Spice
    Family is awesome... i love my family too.

    Family is awesome... i love my family too.

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