Maka Music Mondays

Hey hey hey!!!

Happy to be back on my laptop clickity clacking for your pleasure *cue I Do It For You by Bryan Adams*.

I remember my last post talked about the dilemma I would face blogging as a celebrity (yes, I said it) and aa a normal simple girl. I figured I could always alternate them posts - I mean, I am blogging from a website that says "THEOFFICIALMAKA", this means I get to promote my music here too. I feel at this point, I should state that while I have you here, biko, kindly subscribe to my mailing list and other social media platforms. Ok then...

So there is thing I am starting and its called, "Maka Music Mondays", finally, an MMM people could believe in! Its gonna be focussing on music generally - not necessarily mine all the time. It would also be mostly online (Stories on Instagram, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, etc), it could also be a pop up series. Its basically just music vibes on a Monday.

You could tune in and catch an episode of me cooking and talking about some of my favourite songs compiled into a playlist playing out on speaker. I gotta say that I listen to some really weird shit. On another episode, I could be performing live for you. As I said, vibes on a Monday. I guess I wanna make Mondays great again.

Anyways, I am excited about this and I pray for God's grace to see this through.

I gotta go now! Udo!!! 

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